Direct Take

Before my move to Yandex, the last major project was working with a large company Medialooks, which specializes in software development kits and APIs for high quality video content

The guys came to us with a request to radically change the main idea and look and feel of their primary tool for broadcasting. The old version had countless flaws, from horribly overloaded functionality to insanely random design. Here is an example...

Since the product has been around for a long time, the guys came to us with many ideas and partially drawn wireframes

We analyzed all the existing functionality, analyzed the competitive market, interviewed users, read all the available documentation, and drew the first wireframes of the simplified program

After several approaches, edits, and discussions based on our wireframes, we created a full-fledged prototype that affects all the functionality of the new program

We have collected four full-fledged detailed prototypes to test them on end-users. We had 20 sessions with different users of the basic service, where we asked them to solve specific problems using our prototypes. Based on these data, we finalized the existing system

After the whole structure was approved, I proceeded to draw the look and feel part. I chose six screens that affect the most different parts of the program

After the style was approved, I created a full-fledged design system

Based on this design system, I created all the screens. After that, there was a long development process in which there were occasional review meetings, where I gave comments and edits on the implemented screens.

In the end, we released the first version of the product, and you can test it yourself by downloading it from the official website