Personal account


For a very long time, users have been providing feedback on maps and places, answering questions, uploading snapshots of routes and photos, and correcting inaccuracies. But all this information was collected from entirely different places, from push notifications to entire photo upload services. It was also not stored anywhere, and the user couldn't even look at it after, much less correct something


The whole process worked on the initiative and was assembled step by step. Since it was too difficult to launch a personal account on the Yandex map main page in this mode, we began to draw the concepts of a new personal account

In parallel, we created a fast web view system for collecting feedback

After a large number of iterations, synchronization with the development team, and a common launch timeline, we managedto implement the first approach to the personal account.

We have assembled a new personal account with minimal effort ina super short time, using already developed blocks and code parts

We have added a new block for working with uploaded images from a car camera and also developed a familiar editor

Well, all already added photos, left reviews, and created map corrections are now available on your account page too