Satelite images


Except that the service looked outdated and inconvenient, it has reached a technological dead end. The current implementation was created on the old technical stack, and the layout was implemented in xscript. This made it almost impossible to maintain and update the service. So, in parallel with rewriting the service from scratch, I took on the task of a complete redesign.


The team of satellite image cartographers is small. Therefore, they were very kind to their service. Even drawn some wireframes:

I considered team desires and ideas they put into wireframes and started to work. In the beginning, I took apart the service into its constituent elements. Dragged out all buttons, panels, modals, and elements on a separate page to understand their work

After several iterations, I began to create a new system, convenient and scalable. Every week we held meetings where we discussed the process and looked at the layouts. I asked further questions to the team, they answered, and I went to finalize my first approach

And we released the first version

After the first version of the new service was released, I spenta few more weeks with developers, commenting on their layouts and correcting inaccuracies