The map needs landmarks. These should be familiar places for city residents to speed up user interaction. And also, these landmarks can attract tourists and introduce the city to them


For a year and a half, even before I came to Yandex, much work was done to find the necessary style. Work moved from designer to designer, went to external studios, and returned to the Maps team again. Many options have been made, a small part of which is below

I carried out analytics of the work done and studied what SuperPOI looks like in competitive services. Then tried to create a unique style of SuperPOI, located in the middle between the display of the real object and the graphic

As a result of this work, the style was created, and two sets of SuperPOI were drawn, two most important & big cities in Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg

Then I thoroughly described the style and approach to further drawing SuperPOIs and began supervising the drawing of other cities at the hands of external designers. Here are some examples


There are 286 SuperPOIs on the map (572 if you count with enlarged active options).
And three more cities are in the process