Small tasks & Underlays

There is no one problem

There are many different tasks to improve the map, various events, background elements, working with traffic styles, etc. All important but not very time-consuming at all. Here are some of them:

Panoramic aerial shots

On top of the panoramic layer is the aerial layer. Unfortunately, their design hasn't been updated for a long time and looks outdated.

I decided to update the glyph for myself

Christmas trees

For two years, there have been two different Christmas tree projects. In the beginning, my team of cartographers and I decided to replace all park glyphs with Christmas trees on the holidays.

And last year, during the New Year holidays, we placed large 3D Christmas trees in the city squares

Schools for teacher's day

With the cartographers team, we decided to change school POI for something more noticeable and positive on Teacher's Day

Road signs and warnings

Throughout the entire time of work, I made a large number of road signs for the map with thinking over the display logic on the route

COVID Queues

During the coronavirus pandemic, as part of the assistance project, we displayed queues in places so that a person could understand in advance how safe it was to go. I figured out how it would look like

Traffic pattern

To make the traffic pattern on the map more noticeable, I studied similar services and tried more than thirty different options, both in color and pattern. Work on this task is still in progress.