Yandex maps don't take panoramic pictures on their own. They buy them from many different studios and photographers around the world. But there's no interface to collect and process these photos.

The team uploaded all the images manually to the map. It was necessary to create an interface that developers and photographers could work with to shorten the process of adding panoramas to maps


Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to conduct any interviews with external users in this project, as the project was internal. So all I could do was interview developers and studios supplying panoramas. These meetings and competitor analyses were made on more than six approaches.

After the main scenarios were approved, I proceeded to create a design service system

After creating the whole system, I started drawing screens and controlling their development

After creating a loading, communicating, and processing service for panoramas, I switched to the back end, where cartographers validate panoramas.You can see this on the Panoramas admin page